Single-purpose websites


Single-purpose websites are extremely simple websites that do one single thing. That one thing is often to provide a single piece of information such as answering the question "is today a Friday?" with a "Yes" or "No".

I've made a few of these in my day, most of them have come and gone, but some of them are still online. I wanted to put a list in writing, if nothing else just to help my future self keep track.

  • – a live projection of the Earth's population. Did you know that the world's population currently increases by more than 2 people every second?
  • – tells you which of the 11 seasons of Berlin we're currently experiencing. Based on a meme image that has been floating around my local parts of the internet, with the same low-quality drawing that you know and love.

To avoid setting up similar projects every time I get an itch to make one of these sites I've created a small CLI tool to set up a boilerplate project with Next.js and emotion:

npm init single-purpose-website

Pretty nifty!